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Hiring temporary employees popular in Q3 2013

Posted on December 16th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

Hiring temporary workers has become more popular among small and medium-sized companies found a new study by the Lucas Group.

In regards to contract workers, 42 percent of the SMBs that were surveyed said they felt confident hiring temporary workers during Q3 2013. This is a 17 percent increase from last year's survey where only 25 percent of Q4 2012 surveyors felt confident about hiring contract workers.

The survey went on to imply that 49 percent of SMBs would hire both full-time and temporary workers, while 13 percent of those surveyed would only hire contract workers and 7 percent said they would not hire either demographic.

The Lucas Group's Q3 SMB Job Generation Outlook surveyed more than 100 small and mid-sized business (SMBs) presidents, CEOs and owners from across the country about the type of workers they would hire for their companies. Scott Smith, Lucas Group chief marketing officer said the focus of the survey was to discover what the driving force behind hiring is for SMBs.

"Our survey provides a snapshot each quarter of the challenges faced by small and mid-sized businesses​ – the drivers of the U.S. economy," Smith said in a statement.

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