A recent global study of international business leaders examined what fundamentals are essential for success in the global economy. Human resource departments are tasked with identifying these traits in new hires, helping a company build a strong foundation for current and long-term success. When a new hire demonstrates certain skills and characteristics, the fundamentals can be nurtured as the worker develops into a prime leadership position.

According to the study, one important characteristic to look for when pre-screening job applicants is an ability to navigate ambiguity. Leaders that succeed in international markets and positions must be able to see through uncertainty to figure out how to adapt practices for multicultural applications. Human resource departments must be able to see the potential for a strong, determined leader in new hires to equip a company with the necessary tools for future growth and expansion.

"We found that global leadership calls for particular behaviors and competencies," said Owen Sullivan, CEO and president of a consulting firm. "Identifying the key competencies that assure successful outcomes and developing those thoroughly allow scarce talent and development dollars to be invested wisely. In this way, organizations may get the greatest return on their global leaders."

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