The gig economy is increasingly changing how many workers make money. This is advantageous to your staffing firm in various ways.

  • Increasing Company Revenue

 The gig economy is helping the staffing industry grow through the need for gig workers. Some workers would rather pick up temporary jobs than work at just one. Other workers hold a full-time position and moonlight as Uber drivers or through other independent contractor work. 

As more workers desire greater control over their schedules and a stronger work-life balance, your staffing firm is better positioned for filling those needs. Because most freelance workers are highly qualified, have college or graduate degrees, and regularly find opportunities to enhance their skills, they’re perfect candidates for your staffing firm to place in the gig economy. 

  • Filling Client Companies’ and Gig Workers’ Needs

 Many employers don’t have the time to properly attract, engage, and manage gig economy workers while maintaining daily operations. Also, compliance issues and lawsuits against companies like Uber are causing concern for hiring gig workers directly. This provides a perfect opportunity for your staffing firm to fill the gaps. 

  • Maintaining Compliance

 As a staffing professional, you understand the need for worker compliance in the gig economy. You are in a strong position for maintaining or creating compliance procedures for worker classification, exempt and non-exempt workers, statement of work (SOW) management systems, and more for ensuring gig economy workers and client companies remain compliant with all laws.

  • Promoting Branding

 Your staffing firm can easily gain a thorough understanding of a client company’s branding and match appropriate gig talent with the company’s needs. Because the gig economy offers workers diverse choices, gig workers want to know they’ll fit in with client companies and will find value in the company. You’re in an excellent position for promoting your client companies’ brands through messaging and social recruiting to match gig workers with your clients’ needs.

As a member of the staffing industry, you’re in a perfect position for capitalizing on the gig economy. For further assistance with increasing your revenue, reach out to the friendly professionals at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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