In a new survey by Hay Group reported in Business Standard, it was found half of line managers feel HR teams are slow to respond. An even greater percentage (76 percent) feel HR holds information too tightly. On the other hand, 71 percent of HR directors say line managers expect responses too quickly and they are unforgiving if the process takes longer.

The survey finds a majority of HR managers believe line managers must be empowered to make autonomous people-management decisions. Challenges like globalization and budget constraints require that line managers be allowed to work autonomously from HR.

According to BLR, the competencies an HR professional should have include the ability to look to the future and to be flexible. Flexibility can be hampered by the quantity of busywork required of today's HR workers. Busywork also prevents them from responding quickly when line managers need immediate support. Such work can be sent to an HR outsourcing services company, which would allow an HR administration to focus upon the future-forecasting, managerial functions a company needs. By outsourcing HR, companies can focus on what is absolutely necessary, streamlining their workforce.

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