Ever since Facebook began its now monumental growth, employers have increasingly looked to the social network for information about job candidates, notes CNBC.

And why not? Many times, companies are looking not only for a skills match for a position, but also a cultural match. Facebook offers an opportunity for employers to get a glimpse of a potential hire's personality, likes and dislikes, ideals and background.

Rona Borre, president and CEO of Instant Technology, explains to CNBC that "Facebook plays a huge factor in discovering who people are and who will be, or is, working for you."

Facebook for recruiting also turns what was once a formal process into a more casual one, as prospective workers can also use Facebook to get a better idea of a hiring manager, and if there are interests they can relate to – which could help during a job interview.

Using social media for recruiting does have its dissenters, though. Access Now, a group dedicated to mobilizing digital freedom, recently launched a petition to pass the Password Protection Act, a bill introduced by Democrats to prevent employers from forcing job applicants to share social networking information, ZDNet reports.

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