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Employment of temporary workers slowly improving

Posted on September 9th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

According to the Federal Reserve Beige Book report released on Sept.4, most Federal Reserve districts saw consistent or increased hiring in most industries. Increased demand for information technology professionals was widespread, as was the hiring of accounting and health services workers.

Manufacturing also enjoyed modest gains in most districts, such as St. Louis and Atlanta. Certain districts even reported a shortage of skilled manufacturing workers. Hiring in the Dallas area rose in the oil and gas sector, as well.

In Boston and Richmond, officials reported temporary workers are increasingly being offered permanent positions.

Additionally, the Conference Board's employment trends index expanded to 113.54, up from July and an increase of 4.5 over a year ago. Though the recovery in employment is occurring at a moderate rate, it is continuing apace.

As the Beige Book report shows, this recovery continues to include temporary workers, whether they are hired permanently or, as is common in New England, the first hires when employers need extra hands.

The contingent workforce is often the segment of the working population that feels the impact of economic trends first. Temporary and contract workers can expect occurrences of this kind to remain consistent.

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