While supervisor worker relations and talent management have a strong influence on company members' work life balance, employees also have a responsibility to make choices that don't jeopardize their personal lives, according to Work Life Fit.

"We've spent nearly the last two decades calling out the companies and management for the need for work life flexibility," said Cali Williams Yost, the author of Tweak It: Make What Matters To You Happen. "Many have responded, but now employees also need to step up and assert control by making small, subtle, practical choices that no one will notice but them."

In a recent survey, Yost found three-quarters of respondents stated a work-life balance is only possible if employers provide workers with the right tools. The most cited cited obstacles to finding a happy medium between professional and personal life, included not feeling empowered and stress caused by increasing workloads.

According to Yost, while employers have become more supportive by offering flexibility programs and policies, employees are finding it hard to fully take advantage of working from home frequently and other accommodating measures.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Quarterly Review found Americans worked 50 percent more than Germans, French and Italians in 2004.

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