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Employees still worry about layoffs

Posted on April 12th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

HR administrations might want to take the time to address staff concerns about their job security, according to a new study.

Glassdoor, an online job advertising website, found in a recent survey that the wide-spread layoffs common during the recession are still on the minds of many professionals. The Q1 Employment Confidence Survey polled 2,053 adults, reporting one in five employees are still worried about losing their jobs. About a quarter of workers surveyed said if they are laid off or fired they will not be able to find a position matching their current benefits and compensation. Many believe they might still be let go because 32 percent cite their company recently conducted cutbacks. 

Of those still looking for work, 31 percent are not optimistic in receiving a job offer that correlates to their level of experience within the next six months. This is down six percent from last year's fourth quarter poll. 

However, nearly 45 percent of employees project their business' financial stability will improve this year and are hopeful about their future employment. 

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