As human resource departments are the driving force behind successful businesses, it is important that certain development goals are identified early to ensure top talent is maximized throughout all operations. Human resources development goals not only drive growth and innovation, but create benchmarks of achievement to gauge the department's effectiveness and consistency.

In a piece for Business2Community, Ritu Raj explained how employment and retention are major development goals for HR professionals. Finding the most qualified job applicant with the greatest potential to succeed in the company is a vital component to human resources' functionality, as the department is tasked with equipping the enterprise with the best possible resources. The more successful each employee is in his or her assigned role, the higher worker satisfaction will go and the more improvements will be made to efficiency. When companies are operating smoothly with high productivity levels, human resource departments have fewer issues to deal with and less disruptions to take care of.

With regard to retaining employees, HR departments must develop methods of encouragement and rewards to incentivize staff and maintain high office morale. The department can achieve high retention rates by deploying employee feedback strategies to address problems quickly and efficiently, while monitoring worker performance to properly reward certain achievements. The more frequently these practices are exercised, the more in tune with employee sentiment human resources departments will be, the source explained.

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