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Contract jobs help workers go from temp to permanent employees

Posted on July 20th, 2011 Read time: 1 minutes

Temporary workers have been the most viable solution for employers looking to expand their businesses while incurring minimal expenses.

Economist Kamlan Afshar told The Morning Call that for employers, temporary workers represent an "exact cost," which is extremely attractive in a fluctuating market.

For example, with temporary workers, employers are not burdened financially by having to provide them with benefits, such as healthcare or retirement options.

Furthermore, many businesses and contract employees see temporary positions as a starting point for more permanent ones within a company. To them, a contract job is a chance to test out an employee or, conversely, prove to a business owner that he or she is indispensable.

"It's been jobs here at one place for a few weeks and some at another for a few months, and I've been doing this for about a year," Mims explained to the paper. "It's been good because it allows you to experience a place and see if you would want to work there, but it's a temporary job, and I'm really hoping to get temporary-to-permanent."

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