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Common mistakes in hiring

Posted on September 26th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

Recruiters and hiring managers can be as prone to mistakes as anyone else. The need to fill an important position left vacant can motivate them to place a new employee with as much speed as possible. However, hiring too quickly without taking appropriate steps can carry many consequences. For instance, there is the possibility of hiring someone who is not right for the job and needing to replace them fairly quickly, which costs time and money.

Another mistake that's easy to make is to hire the candidate who looks best on paper. While qualifications and experience are important, it is impossible to judge a person based solely on his or her resume. In-person interviews, or phone interviews if necessary, are important components of the hiring process. Whether seeking permanent or temporary workers, recruiters look for people who will thrive at the company because of their personality as well as their skills. The ideal candidate may not necessarily be the one that has the most impressive history.

Rigid requirements can also be a hiring misstep. It's possible to find people whose experience or qualifications fall just short of what the job posting requires. Dismissing them out of hand is the more expedient strategy, but there are those who would perform well in the company despite their thinner resumes.

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