This year's graduating class might have stronger career prospects due to the stabilizing economy, but a recent survey shows recruiters do not think recent graduates are prepared for the job market. Barry University is attempting to coordinate academics with hiring realities. Payroll management and HR services should stay up to date on how college students are being trained to prepare for on the job coaching if it is deemed necessary.

A survey of hiring managers by Adecco Staffing US found 66 percent believe recent graduates are unprepared for the workplace and more than half do not project to hire from the 2013 class. One of the biggest concerns recruiters cited about new graduates is their inability to create efficient resumes; 54 percent said they refuse to interview candidates with weak resumes. But of those applicants that do receive an interview, 34 percent of recruiters said they have found recent graduates to be unable to clearly answer questions.

However, colleges are beginning to align their academic programs with hiring realities by integrating internships and working with vendors. Barry University, a Catholic university in Florida, recently announced a plan to focus on creating practical opportunities for students to find work after their schooling is finished.

HR administrations might not want to discount recent graduates simply because they do not have much experience, however, as many skills can be improved through on the job training.

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