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Can You Improve Retention with Top Contract Employees?

Posted on March 16th, 2016 Read time: 2 minutes

One of your biggest struggles may be retaining top talent for your business. Investing time in caring for, engaging, and re-deploying contract workers may be your solution.

  • Strong Branding

Because contract workers engage with your business clients more often than you, your employees’ opinions of you will pass on to your clients. Your contingent workers will either be allies in retaining client relationships or cause you to lose them. Ensure you maintain a positive relationship with your employees so they convey a positive image to your client companies and continue to work with you.

  • Confident Workforce

Reengaging with your contractors helps you re-deploy them after successfully completing an assignment. When new positions come up, you won’t be vetting new candidates because you’ll already have some lined up. Client companies will see the experienced professionals you have to fill their positions and know they chose the right staffing firm to fill their needs.

  • Access to Resources

Temporary workers know they’re not part of a permanent workforce and may not receive the training and support they need to fulfill work functions. Contractors are more likely than employees to get injured on the job or leave before their contract is up. By regularly following up with your employees, you’ll be able to advocate on their behalf so they receive the support they need for a high level of production. Your contractors will stay with your firm longer knowing you have their backs.

  • Company Advocates

When you maintain positive relationships with your contractors and they work to the best of their abilities, you gain a reputation for providing top talent for ongoing opportunities. Stay in touch with workers during their placements, understand their long-term goals, and implement work plans to help achieve their objectives. You’ve already invested time and money in background checks, drug tests, and other pre-employment screening, so it’s advantageous to continue cultivating your employee assets. You’ll build a powerful network of referrals when your employees have multiple meaningful assignments. As a result, you become the preferred choice for both contingent workers and client companies, gain a competitive edge, and increase your bottom line.

By adopting these strategies, you can reduce turnover for your staffing firm. For more assistance with saving your company time and money, contact the experts at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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