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The Unexpected Ways Managers Pile Stress onto Their Employees

Posted on April 20th, 2016 Read time: 2 minutes

Bosses often unknowingly place stress on staff members through the course of everyday business. Discover five ways you may be slowing down your workers’ contributions and how to effectively change for more positive results.

  • You don’t really know your employees

You need to know what makes your staff members unique and what comes naturally to them to maximize your team’s growth and contribution to your company. Otherwise you can’t appropriately guide your workers or utilize them in the most productive ways. Staff like doing what they’re best at, so be sure you find their strengths and act accordingly.

  • Your feedback is disruptive

Feedback affects how someone views him/herself. Ensure your employees’ feedback improves their performance and encourages them to be better team players. Be authentic, and make sure your workers know you have their backs. They’ll feel more loyal to your company and perform at higher levels.

  • Your company is missing strong leadership

Understand your sphere of influence as a supervisor and the role you play in accomplishing your company’s goals. Pay attention to how you align with and support others to foster growth and opportunity. Weak leadership results in a company that isn’t expanding or prospering.

  • Your company’s needs are more urgent than employees’ needs

During times of crisis and change, the urgency of getting things done immediately often becomes more important than meeting staff members’ needs. You tend to lose your focus and flexibility that help your workers thrive and create a positive impact on the bottom line. Be sure you focus on your staff members’ needs during times of transition to help them and the business grow.

  • Your company lacks cultural integrity

If your company culture is inauthentic and defined by written operations rather than real worker experience, your employees lose their identity as important company assets. Workers can’t contribute to your organization when they feel forced to become something they’re not. Treat staff members as respected individuals and show they’re valued at all times.

Employees are a lifeblood for your company, so treat them accordingly. For more help with employee management or related topics, get in touch with the trained staff at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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