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How to Assess for Intrinsic Motivation

Posted on February 10th, 2016 Read time: 2 minutes

Intrinsic motivation results from workers focusing on internal drivers as their reasons for working at top performance levels. By increasing these motivators daily, your workers will feel more challenged, valued, engaged, and accomplished, resulting in greater output and an increased bottom line for your company.


Employees positively challenged intrinsically desire to push to be their best. Challenging tasks and room to make their own decisions on approaching assignments provides a sense of control. Control leads to feeling of ownership in the project, motivating workers to reach their goals by stepping up to meet the challenge.


Core skills, values, and approaches to finishing assignments differ among colleagues. Letting staff members choose projects based on personal preferences and strengths is a strong internal motivator. Feeling their skills are being effectively utilized and selecting projects of personal interest increases a successful outcome of the final product.


Having room for promotions provides inner motivation for employees to work to the best of their abilities. Seeing a clear career advancement path provides a vested interest in the business and inspires contributions to its success, which increases personal success as well.


Workers who have mentors and are able to take part in professional development seminars, training sessions, and classes feel increased worth to the company and work harder. Feeling valued by the business encourages them to place a higher value on the quality of their output.


Having performance measurements in place lets staff members know where their production levels are and helps them feel more control over job stability and work quality. Regular feedback and constructive criticism allow colleagues to consistently improve their performance and increase output. A motivated workforce helps increase your company’s success in reaching its goals.


Involving employees in making business decisions motivates them with camaraderie and having a stake in the company’s success. Workers feel like valued team members when their thoughts and input are utilized and appreciated.

Encouraging the growth of intrinsic motivation is an excellent way to retain employees and lower company costs of training new workers. For more information on assessing intrinsic motivation, reach out to Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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