Business executives are slightly less enthusiastic about the economy in the third quarter than the second, according to the American Institute of CPAs' third-quarter economic outlook survey. Forty-four percent described themselves as optimistic about the economy, as opposed to 49 percent who did in the second quarter of 2013.

However, the composite index remained steady at 69 points. This was due in part to positive outlook about employment prospects  expanding. Fifteen percent of respondents said they had too few employees and planned to hire within the next 12 months, up from 12 percent last quarter.

Even with the slight dip in the economic index, every measure in the survey is higher than in the third quarter of 2012. Though it has experienced roadblocks, the economy continues to recover.

Employment prospects in a recovering but shaky economy often take the form of contingent employment. Temporary workers give companies the extra staff they need without committing to hire full-time employees. Far from impeding the recovery of the economy, contingent employment can stimulate it, which is good news for temporary and contract workers and companies alike.

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