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Bring your own device policies are on the rise

Posted on May 29th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

Employees continually want to feel connected to each other and are starting to side step company policy on utilizing personal devices in the workplace to do so. However, businesses that allow workers to use their own mobile gadgets may be able to save money and see increased satisfaction among staff. HR administrations may want to take note that a "bring your own device" or BYOD program can help decrease company costs and increase employee retention.

A recent study conducted for Microsoft by the research firm Ipsos found workers do not feel connected with their colleagues. Ipsos surveyed 9,908 information technology workers in 32 countries. Forty percent of respondents said they feel social tools, such as mobile devices, cultivate collaboration within the workplace and 31 percent would purchase or utilize their own gadget to be connected with their colleagues.

In a related study by Cisco's Internet Business Solutions Group, companies may be able to save up to $3,150 annually per worker by allowing staff members to use their personal devices in the workplace. The study found requiring employees to bring their own device through a specialized initiative can increase teamwork among workers and may result in more productivity and engagement.

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