As a Human Resources professional, you resolve complex issues in the workforce daily. Here are three of the top challenges you’ll most likely face heading into the New Year.

Recruiting & Retaining Qualified Employees

Your role in finding, developing, and retaining top talent will be affected by shifts in workplace demographics, losing mid-skill jobs, and developing international business structures. Since a multigenerational workforce is the growing trend, you must learn to recruit globally by staying current on immigration rules, offering options for flexible work programs, creating methods for recruiting specific demographic groups, developing staff to better manage remote workers, and adjusting your workplace to accommodate others’ customs and cultures. Because mid-level jobs are being replaced by technology, higher-level skills will be required of your employees. You’ll need to educate your workers on where your business is heading and what skills they’ll need going forward. As a result, you’ll be investing in training programs or local schools to enhance the skill sets of your employees.

Employment Law

Since the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a leading advocate for HR issues like workplace flexibility and compensation equality, compliance with changes in employment law will continue being a concern for you. Revisions to the Fair Labor Standards Act overtime rules; pro-union changes by the National Labor Relations Board; compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act; and changes in the Affordable Care Act will all affect you. Ensure you stay updated and compliant with all new law changes to avoid company penalties.

Business Acumen

You’ll need to focus on leadership development, diversity inclusion, and effective communication to proactively prepare for future business changes. You’ll need to actively listen to and engage with professionals in other departments to consider their needs and wants in moving the company forward. Your combination of skills, business experience, and mental flexibility will be vital to quickly make strategic decisions and deal with issues as they arise. Focus on continually educating yourself, so you remain at peak performance.

As an HR professional, your biggest overall challenge in the next 12 months will continue to be ensuring compliance while working with diverse groups to reach your company’s goals. For help with all your HR administration needs, contact Innovative Employee Solutions.

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