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Big data aids human resource initiatives

Posted on November 21st, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

HR departments strive to understand the functions of their employees and how they relate to company operations. Insights into the behavior of workers can help managers improve conditions and boost productivity. According to InformationWeek, one big data application that HR services have begun to utilize is predictive analytics: use of statistics to estimate workforce tendencies, such as when employees will leave their position.

Collecting data on employee resignations can help HR departments understand trends, such as, if workers tend to leave after a specific period of time or if certain factors make them more likely to quit.

"If you have a good view of this, you can plan accordingly, ramping up or down recruiting," David Gartside of Accenture Talent & Organization told InformationWeek.

HR services, however, will need to be cautious with predictive analytic programs. Surveillance of employees raises ethical issues, especially if the data collected is personal. According to The Atlantic, predictive human analytics requires vast measures of employee performance – far more than those published in the sports section. While companies should choose to collect data that can lead to insights, they should be sure not to does not violate the privacy of workers.

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