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Acknowledge applications to improve the recruitment process

Posted on May 16th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

A recent survey by CareerBuilder found there are many ways recruiters can discourage strong talent from applying for open positions or accepting an employment offer. HR administrations currently seeing a decline in the quality of candidates or highly-skilled applicants becoming disengaged with the recruitment process should take note.

Harris Interactive conducted the survey on behalf of CareerBuilder and polled more than 3,900 workers online about their experience applying for employment throughout November 2012. The study found 75 percent had not heard back from the employer after they sent in their application. For 82 percent of workers, it is very important to hear back from the company even if they are not being considered for the position. Sixty percent said they did not even receive communication after an interview to let them know they had not received the job.

A bad experience with a company can even affect sales, as 32 percent reported they were less likely to purchase products or services from a business after the employer did not respond to their application. While not every experience can be positive, recruiters should consider sending out regular updates to candidates to prevent any miscommunication and negative feelings. 

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