Three-quarters of workers who applied for jobs in the last year using various resources report never hearing back from employers, according to a recent survey by CareerBuilder.

The job search website polled more than 3,900 U.S. workers during the month of November. Eighty-two percent of workers said they expect a response from a company after submitting a job application regardless of whether the employer is interested in their credentials. Nearly one-third said they would be less inclined to purchase products or services from a company that never got back to them about a job application.

More than one-in-four workers reported having a bad experience applying for jobs, citing a lack of follow-up and communication inconsistencies among the top reasons for their negative experience. Other major turnoffs included company representatives not presenting a positive work experience or being knowledgeable and employers who never acknowledge receiving an application.

While 42 percent of surveyed workers stated they would never seek employment at the company again if it let to a negative experience, 22 percent would tell others not to work there.

Throughout the interview process, it's important for hiring managers or HR administration staff to maintain contact with applicants and give them information along each stage of the hiring process.

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