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4 things to remember during summer recruitment

Posted on May 31st, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

HR outsourcing services tend to get a boost in the summer as employers begin to increase staff in the warmer months. CareerBuilder already predicted temporary workers will see more employment opportunities this summer, but HR administrations should remember to look for four attributes before bringing on additional employees.  

1. Driven 
One complacent hire can generate laziness among the entire staff. TLNT recommends recruiters ensure all new hires are driven to succeed. Without initiative, workers may become careless instead of performing their duties.

2. Trainable 
The summer hiring season is only a few months, so it is essential that new hires are able to learn quickly. Veteran temporary employees are used to the fast pace of a new environment, but new workers may take some time to adjust. 

3. Flexible 
Being able to shift between roles and tasks when prompted is a great skill that many contingent staff possess. New hires looking to become a short-term employee should have this ability as well.

4. Resourceful 
The fast pace of contingent work is often best suited to employees who are resourceful. They are able to identify an issue and provide a solution quickly by building up their knowledge through multiple jobs. Prospective temps should display the ability to always be learning to ensure they can stay independent in their roles.

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