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3 Ways to Utilize Gig Economy Freelancers to Transform Your Business

Posted on January 2nd, 2020 Read time: 1 minutes

Male freelance worker in a work space for independent contractors working on his cumputer while on his cell phone

Gig economy workers can help you grow and scale your business with the proper strategy in place.

Innovative Employee Solutions vice president of human resources, Tania Fiero, weighs in on Entrepreneur.com’s article “3 Ways to Utilize Gig Economy Freelancers to Transform Your Business”. Read the full article here.

1. Sell your leadership on the gig economy

If your leaders are reluctant to work with freelancers, you’ll have trouble making a gig relationship fit into your operational flow. “Some managers might not yet understand that the modern workforce is changing, and many talented individuals prefer freelance work,” writes Tania Fiero, vice president of human resources at Innovative Employee Solutions. Though their hesitation may be understandable, “it needs to be addressed if the company wants to grow,” she adds.

Instead of assuming managers recognize the benefits of engaging freelancers, educate them on why seeking talent from non-traditional sources makes sense. Help them see the myriad ways they can engage gig workers while managing their full-time employees successfully and staying within tight budgets. Their improved understanding of the gig economy will only be a boon to your brand as a whole. Plus, freelancers who have great experiences with your managers will come back again and may refer other top talents to the company.


Tania Fiero, PHR is Vice President of Human Resources at Innovative Employee Solutions, a leading nationwide provider of contingent workforce solutions specializing in Payrolling and Independent Contractor Compliance services. Founded in 1974 in San Diego, IES has grown into one of the city’s largest women-owned businesses and been named one of its “Best Places to Work” for 10 years in a row. IES offers customized solutions and contractor management services for today’s contingent workforce.

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