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3 benefits to temp work

Posted on May 29th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

Contingent employees are a growing segment of the workforce and HR outsourcing services are on the rise throughout many industries. Temporary workers often understand the benefits of being a short-term staff member, but it may be a smart move for human resource professionals to communicate those advantages to employees considering the transition.

1. Opportunity to network 
Contract workers have the ability to connect with companies and professionals that a permanent position may not have been able to offer. After the recession, many members of the workforce found short-term employment to provide a diverse amount of experiences in areas they may not have originally planned to work in. Being a temporary employee gives individuals the opportunity to network with many employers and professionals in a wide range of industries, which can lead to increased career satisfaction while providing connections for the future.

2. Skill set improvement 
Learning a new industry or position can sharpen skills and even create additional ones. Short-term work in various areas can give employees an advantage over their colleagues by providing them with the opportunity to enhance abilities.

3. Ability to migrate to full-time 
Short-term work often leads to a permanent position. Being able to network and improve skill sets allow employees to connect with employers, who may provide an advanced opportunity in a given industry.

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