Compliantly onboard and pay your independent contractors.

Protect your self-sourced contract workers from misclassification and co-employment risks with IES as your Agent of Record.

Everything you need for airtight IC compliance

Misclassifying workers as ICs can lead to severe fines, tax liabilities, reputational damage, and even class-action lawsuits. IES’s IC compliance and Agent of Record (AOR) services will keep you safe. We ensure full contractor compliance and indemnify you if workers are reclassified – so you can use ICs without the worry.

Robust reclassification defense

How IES helps you avoid misclassification and ensure contractor compliance

  • Conduct a thorough, region-appropriate risk assessment for each engagement
  • Notify your business and the worker of their risk profile
  • Refer higher-risk workers to our Employer of Record (EOR) service
  • Process invoices and payments 
  • Maintain a detailed audit defense file
  • Indemnify you if ICs are reclassified as employees

Offload the burdens of managing and paying ICs

IES becomes your ICs’ contractual agent, taking time-consuming admin challenges off your hands

Calculate your risk in seconds

Misclassifying your workers can trigger government audits, investigations, and lawsuits which can result in hefty fines, penalties, business interruptions, and bad press for your company. Use the IES risk calculator to discover your misclassification risk level and potential liabilities.

Fast, compliant IC onboarding

Ready to take the risk out of using ICs?

Free your team from the risks and burdens of engaging contingent labor.

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