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Tania Fiero, VP of HR, quoted on selling your leadership on the gig economy –

Vice President of Human Resources, Tania Fiero, quoted on the gig economy –

January 2, 2020

Innovative Employee Solutions vice president of human resources, Tania Fiero, weighs in on’s article “3 Ways to Utilize Gig Economy Freelancers to Transform Your Business”. Read the full article here.


1. Sell your leadership on the gig economy

If your leaders are reluctant to work with freelancers, you’ll have trouble making a gig relationship fit into your operational flow. “Some managers might not yet understand that the modern workforce is changing, and many talented individuals prefer freelance work,” writes Tania Fiero, vice president of human resources at Innovative Employee Solutions. Though their hesitation may be understandable, “it needs to be addressed if the company wants to grow,” she adds.