Helga Venturini Townend joins Innovative Employee Solutions (IES) as Senior Director, Global Operations. IES, a leading global provider of contingent workforce solutions, specializes in Employer of Record payrolling and independent contractor compliance services in more than 150 countries.

Helga brings over 20 years’ international experience specializing in employment of record and contingent workforce management. Helga specializes in helping companies expand their operations internationally, including recruitment and training of staff in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) and Latin America (LAM). Helga has vast experience working in global employment which include labor laws, immigration, tax laws and Managed Service Programs (MSP.

In her new role as the Senior Director of Global Operations, Helga will focus on expanding IES’s operations internationally. Additionally, this role will be responsible for setting up business entities and infrastructures in new countries, as well as working with IES’s internal global team to optimize existing relationships and operations.

“Helga’s experience in the Global PEO/EOR space and expanding clients’ workforce globally will be invaluable to IES. She will enable us to continue our growth mission to have a greater global presence and footprint. Her 20+ years of experience will be beneficial to expanding our operations in other countries while enhancing our business practices to meet that of our clients hiring on a global scale. We are excited for the expertise that Helga will bring to our global expansion initiatives.” ~ Kara Hertzog, IES President


Helga resides and works in the United Kingdom. You may contact Helga Venturini Townend at hventurinitownend@innovative-es.com or by phone +44 2030341620 or +1-858-715-5100 Ext. 109.


LinkedIn: Helga Venturini Townend

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