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In an interview with Forbes, IES President, Kara Hertzog, Shares “How To Keep Companies Relevant In Seasons Of Change”

4 Leaders Share How They Keep Their Companies Relevant In Seasons Of Change

: Rhett Power, Co-Founder Accountability Inc., Author, MG100 Executive Coach

April 16th, 2023

Change management has long been a core part of business education—whether you learn it in the classroom or the boardroom—but today’s rapidly shifting environment makes change even more important and, perhaps, intimidating. Learning how to cope with change, how to plan for the future, and how to live with flexibility and let go of expectations are all vital lessons for today’s entrepreneurs.

I got in touch with four successful business leaders from different industries to discuss how they stay relevant and connected to their clients when so much is changing in the world. Here’s their advice for entrepreneurs and other leaders:


Read the full article in Forbes here.

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Kara Hertzog, President | Innovative Employee Solutions

Kara Hertzog is president of Innovative Employee Solutions (IES), a leading provider of remote and contingent workforce solutions, specializing in global Employer of Record, Agent of Record and Independent Contractor compliance services in 150+ countries. Founded in 1974, IES is a woman-owned business, certified by the WBENC and partners with companies to provide compliant employment solutions that empower people’s lives.