Nationwide Service

Nationwide and International Service

Take your business around the world – without ever leaving the office.

Looking to hire outside your state or even internationally, but nervous about keeping up with a different set of tax and employment regulations? As one of the most trusted human resource outsourcing companies, we’re here to help. Whether you’re:

  • Adding remote employees for a special project
  • Adding staff to fulfill a multi-state contract
  • Opening a satellite office
  • Hiring a sales staff in new territory

…IES has you covered. We’re one of the leading human resource outsourcing companies and payroll service companies across the US. Our nationwide and international payrolling and Employer of Record services let you safely and securely hire throughout the country and across the globe, without risking hefty noncompliance fees and penalties, or setting up to do business outside your home state. You’ll be free to focus on business, knowing your employees will be paid in accordance with state, federal, and international tax and employment laws.

So get growing! Using IES’s payrolling services for out-of-state hires gives you the freedom and flexibility to hire when and where you want – without any extra work. Looking for an online payrolling company or a human resource outsourcing provider? Contact IES today for more information.