Risk Management and Legal/Govt Compliance

Risk Management and Legal/Government Compliance

Safer, smarter, stress-free hiring.

There’s no way around human resources compliance and HR risk management: hiring without due diligence is risky business. Employers looking to safeguard themselves from government penalties must stay up-to-date on constantly changing hiring and employment laws at both the federal and state levels. Meanwhile, employers hoping to avoid the dual expenses of high turnover and low productivity can’t afford to forego pre-employment screening procedures. And then there are the workplace safety and security mandates, payroll and benefit compliance issues, and more. It’s enough to make even a seasoned HR expert’s head spin. Trust IES, the nationwide HR compliance specialist.

Using IES as your Employer of Record is an HR risk management solution that provides peace of mind, letting you hire with lower risk of noncompliance, as well as lower risk of employee-related productivity and safety issues. Among our comprehensive human resources compliance and HR risk management measures are:

  • HR Administration services that ensure your employees are hired and paid in compliance with all federal and state taxes and employment regulations, including Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates
  • 1099 Compliance Services to determine whether an independent contractor meets IRS guidelines
  • Comprehensive pre-employment screenings, such as drug screens and background checks, that help you avoid high-turnover and low productivity
  • Security clearances for employees working on government contracts
  • Safety training for employees and workplace safety evaluations for clients, as well as management of any employee work injury claims

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