The Gig Economy

The skyrocketing gig economy:
A double-edged sword

Accountants, software developers, robotics engineers and more .  The booming gig economy is not only changing how workers make money – it’s changing how you do business.  What’s more, the gig economy is poised to become the dominant work model in the U.S. in just a few short years.

The boon for businesses?  Unprecedented flexibility and significant cost savings for the bottom line.  But it comes with a caveat:  a whole new way of handling HR issues. Which means you need to tread carefully.

How the gig economy is changing the employer/employee relationship:

The best way to realize this new revenue stream?  Work with an Employer of Record like IES.  We take the entire contract worker engagement off your plate – protecting your company and giving you peace of mind.

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