Client feedback is an important and somewhat overlooked aspect of a staffing agency's responsibilities. A firm should be aware of how its placed contract workers are performing, and if a temp position is the right fit.

The Globe and Mail reports that Tanya Sarakinis, CEO of Burlington, Ontario-based Emerg-Plus Healthcare Consulting Group, contracts with six healthcare facilities in the Canadian province, and has around 400 temporary workers – primarily nurses – on her roster.

Yet, as her staff grows, she's found that keeping track of her workforce's performance has become increasingly difficult.

"We're sending people to multiple sites, and I don't have direct supervision over them," she told the news source. "You're relying on the hospital's staff to forward any problems."

Her solution was to ask hospital managers to send complaints to her two days after the end of a placement, but many weren't writing back.

Barry Levine, principal at Toronto-based RSM Richter, suggests creating an automated email or survey tool that can be sent to a manager following a temp's service.

Hospitals with staff shortages have increasingly turned to temp nurses, the Houston Chronicle reports. Recent studies have suggested that patient care quality drops when hospitals use temps.  

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