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Whole Foods exemplifies the group hiring process

Posted on October 12th, 2011 Read time: 1 minutes

The hiring process can be one-to-one, with an interviewer asking questions to a prospective candidate, or group-focused. Typically, at least one member of HR administration is present for a potential employee's interview, either asking questions or gauging responses.

According to Human Resource Executive Online, one company that deploys a unique, group-based hiring process is Whole Foods, where interviews are often performed by a team or panel.

The news source cites the company's hiring policies, which are based on the idea that a team interview process is effective because "the diversity of participants brings all of the different aspects of the roles and responsibilities of the position to the table."

In addition, a group process gives insight into all expectations and challenges of a job, providing an educational experience for both interviewer and interviewee. The blog Software Advice adds that leadership encourages candidates to talk with team members and discuss the department's needs "beyond margin and costs."

HREOnline adds that potential workers must submit to a background check, attend orientation and training classes. Ultimately, employment is determined following a 30-to-90 day period during which a team leader decides whether the person is a good fit for a team.  

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