The process of recruiting a candidate doesn't have to become a routine. Some human resources management professionals go out of their way to break out of the traditional recruiting structure, which they perceive as boring and of limited utility. Once a candidate has been established as a possible good fit for the company, they bring more unconventional methods of recruitment to the process.

Recruiters use methods like rapid-fire questioning to get past the polished answers most interviewees will give to standard questions. To test problem-solving skills, some ask candidates to complete a task – prospective candidates at Quixey, an app search engine company, are given the opportunity to fix a programming bug through the company's website.

On the less blatant side of unconventional recruiting methods, many management professionals prefer to interview candidates outside of the office. A person's behavior in a restaurant or on a golf course, both to service professionals and companions, can reveal information about their character that an interview would not.

Finding the right candidate for an open position can be difficult, but, with these and other unorthodox ways of dealing with the process, it can also be enjoyable.

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