As human beings, we enjoy staying in our comfort zone. However, the only way to truly grow as a leader is by trying things that seem scary or difficult. Here are a few ideas for expanding your comfort zone and growing as a leader.

  • Share Ideas and Skills

Proposing ideas that may fail and challenging how things have been done in the past are scary events. However, progress is not made unless workers discover more efficient and less expensive ways of effectively completing tasks.

Encourage your employees to find faster and more economical methods of producing your products or services. Support your workers in creating new offerings to complement your current selection. Place more emphasis on your employees’ growth than on your personal comfort. Your business won’t expand unless you work with your leaders in paving the way and learning to thrive in new environments.

  • Give Honest Feedback

Although giving genuine feedback to employees is difficult, it’s a necessary part of growing as a leader. If you want your employees to think critically, learn, and evolve, you’re all going to have to embrace discomfort.

Ensure that everyone in your organization understands they are expected to grow and change while working with you and that it will be hard. Make it clear that your workers will never be alone because you are always available to help them out. Give your employees leeway in testing their theories for improving your products or services, no matter how farfetched their ideas may be. Growth does not occur unless new ideas are tried and failures are improved upon until success is reached.

  • Ask for and Offer Support

Because embracing change is difficult, ask for and offer emotional support for your employees. Everyone experiences personal and professional struggles when growing as a leader. Being able to voice those issues at work creates a needed foundation of affirmation and support. By exposing personal weaknesses, teams are brought together more cohesively because members understand and support each other better. As a result, groups become more productive and know they can rely on each other to grow as leaders.

Growing as a leader is an uncomfortable but necessary part of life. While you’re focusing your time on expanding your business, let us focus on all your back-office needs. Reach out to the friendly staff at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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