The most recent global workforce index survey by Kelly Services Inc. found bosses directly affect the satisfaction of workers. In the U.S., 61 percent of workers said their direct manager impacts their job satisfaction or engagement. The same survey found 42 percent of workers had left a position in the past year. This indicates there may be a correlation between managerial performance and employee retention.

When asked what managers could do to perform better, survey respondents indicated training opportunities, clear goals and transparent communications would be helpful.

This data may be of particular importance for staffing firms and their clients. Temporary workers who are placed at a company but have another as their employee of record may feel confusion about who their direct supervisor is, or about other aspects of the chain of command. Taking the time to resolve these issues clearly can help contribute to job satisfaction for temporary and contract workers and therefore reduce the rates at which they leave their positions.

Human resources management involves the satisfaction of every employee, and any steps that can be taken to improve worker well-being should be seriously considered.

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