While most people prefer the comfort and respect that comes with holding a full-time position, AZCentral notes that ignoring listings for temp positions can hurt a candidate's career prospects.

Bill Recchion, president of career placement firm Recchion and Associates, explains to the news source that in any position, there are transferable skills that job seekers can take with them as they proceed down their chosen career path.

"There's no commitment that you're going to spend the rest of your career there," Recchion adds. "But it does give you a chance to test the waters and explore something that might be a little different for you."

The news source also warns against job applicants believing that temp work is beneath them. Since it can lead to a permanent position that pays well, showing up to work with a bad attitude can thwart a temporary worker's chances of moving up the corporate ladder.

Solutions Staffing adds that a good attitude is often more important than skills. Employers want to add positive, willing, can-do people to their teams, and value employees who are optimistic, upbeat and pleasant to be around.

The media outlet suggests to come across in good spirits, job seekers should smile and greet people warmly, try not to spread negativity and practice having a positive attitude.  

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