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Is recruiting a priority?

Posted on December 6th, 2012 Read time: 1 minutes

Companies tend to view human resource departments in a variety of lights. Some businesses consider the division a key component to enterprise success, while others regard it as merely a set of administrative duties. Human resources are a combination of the two mindsets, offering businesses new avenues for innovation and strategizing, while maintaining the status quo with administrative tasks.

As a result, many companies are finding it beneficial to outsource certain HR tasks that are time-consuming, freeing up manpower and resources for more critical projects that can enhance business growth and development. Working with human resources experts allows companies to enjoy peace of mind knowing their payroll, benefits or staffing duties are taken care of, as in-house HR employees take on more challenging tasks and strategize with business leaders.

A recent study suggested that talent acquisition is not a major priority for many executives, indicating how easily the tasks could be outsourced. The survey showed only half of major organizations consider staffing and recruiting to be a top priority, while 13 percent label it as secondary concern. While senior management acknowledges recruitment processes are a necessary component to any business, most do not revere the practice as critical to business strategy and planning.

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