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HR sees increased demands, less resources

Posted on November 1st, 2011 Read time: 1 minutes

A recent survey from Washington, D.C.-based Information Strategies revealed that the human resources position has become more demanding than in years past.

Researchers polled more than 1,000 HR professionals on the topics of morale building, staffing and overall resources. More than 50 percent stated that they were working with reduced staff and financial allocations compared to two years ago, and 40 percent believe they'll have even less at their disposal in 2012.

To mitigate this, 90 percent of those polled noted that they've looked into HR outsourcing services for additional help and expertise, but tight budgets have rendered many of these attempts unsuccessful.

Because of these restraints, 71 percent stated that their position has become more difficult this year.

TLNT notes that a lack of control at the HR level may result in employees leaving a company even in the midst of today's struggling economy.

"There is actually a risk when you've got very little pressure at the all-employee level," Laury Sejen, of a Wellesley, Massachusetts-based HR consulting firm, told the news source. "You can take your eye off the ball and assume there will be plenty of talent available whenever you need it, and that may not prove to be the case at that time." 

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