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How to make the right hire

Posted on September 19th, 2013 Read time: 1 minutes

According to research by talent management group Talent Q, 37 percent of recruiters knowingly hire the wrong person for the job because they are overwhelmed by the quantity of resumes they receive. Though the research is from the U.K., recruiters in the U.S. should take note. Failures in placement do not only impact a recruiter but also the company for whom he or she is working. Talent searches and the onboarding process cost too much for recruiters to be able to afford errors.

Some possible solutions to this issue include using software that will scan resumes for relevant keywords and skills, preventing contact with those who are unqualified for a job. This can cut down on the number of choices a recruiter has to contact, and therefore decrease his or her chances of making the wrong hire out of exhaustion.

Another way for companies to save themselves the expense of hiring many new employees to replace those who cannot perform is to hire contingent workers. Contract or temporary workers can be hired for as short a period a time as the company desires, leading to an opportunity to test out an employee before making a costly commitment. Furthermore, the selection process is usually in the hands of a staffing agency rather than an overwhelmed in-house recruiter.

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