A survey of chief financial officers by Bank of America Merrill Lynch revealed the majority are concerned about healthcare. This has been one of CFOs' top concerns for three years running. The percentage of those worried about health care has risen by seven percent year-over-year to a current total of 58 percent.

Human Resource Executive Magazine conducted its own research on the concerns of professionals in its field, and found 20 percent cited the need to keep healthcare spending under control as one of their three biggest challenges. An additional 17 percent of human resources executives put understanding and complying with the Affordable Care Act among their top three concerns.

Employee benefits management is a field fraught with worries as the ACA looms. Even with the delay in the employer compliance mandate, many professionals across industries are concerned about its impact and costs.

Human resources and financial executives alike might look into outsourcing employee benefits management to an experienced company that can help them understand upcoming changes. Hiring temporary or contract workers, too, can bring relief from healthcare concerns. Consulting with a staffing firm with experience in the area of benefits and healthcare can be beneficial and help put these anxieties to rest.

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