Companies across the country are using tools to track the daily activities of employees and many are integrating monitoring technology to manage contract workers when they are on the job. 

According to Workforce magazine, businesses are turning to technology and alternative management strategies to help track temporary staff through their work day. Due to short-term employees not being on the permanent payroll, many staffing industry experts suggest companies need to adjust how they supervise such staff members. Organizations are beginning to turn to vender monitoring systems (VMS), which are automated software systems that are specifically designed to monitor suppliers and temporary workers. VMS tracks daily processes, such as the amount of production or shipping schedules, and the software recently advanced to managing performance as well.

The hope is to study contingent labor metrics to see which short-term workers the business should take on full-time.

Liza Scurr, vice president of human resources at GeoDigital, a ground mapping technology provider, told the magazine performance data will greatly assist the company in recognizing their strongest workers.

"We already know the number of people it takes to deliver specific activities, but we couldn't see the average daily output," Scurr said. "Through daily tracking we are starting to see patterns, and we can create benchmarks against our best people."

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