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Flexibility for a fluctuating workforce

Contingent Hiring Solutions

Client Profile

Science and technology solutions provider that works in both the government and commercial sectors to provide scientific, engineering, systems integration, and technical services.

Client regularly experienced hiring surges when embarking on special projects and contracts, and needed a solution for quickly hiring, on-boarding, and payrolling the additional employees necessary to fulfill these contracts, while ensuring compliance with government defense security requirements.



IES has allowed us to respond quickly and effectively to the unpredictable and ever-changing hiring needs characteristic of our industry. Their flexible solutions have not only helped us achieve our business objectives, they’ve helped us win new contracts.”


  • Inundated with extra work caused by staffing surges necessary to fulfill various defense-commissioned contracts.
  • Required a payrolling partner familiar with hiring requirements for positions on military bases, including the ability to secure clearances while handling hiring needs with flexibility, quick response time, and proactive communication.

The IES Solution

Helping a valued partner seamlessly hire and pay a fluctuating workforce by allowing them to quickly and easily bring contingent employees on and off as needed, without additional wait times or red tape.

  • IES created a customized onboarding and payroll program designed to integrate seamlessly with the client’s existing temporary hiring protocol, including compliance with client’s hiring systems and software as well as special security requirements mandatory to client’s defense contract obligations.
  • IES handled the hiring process, payroll management, and all necessary insurances (workers’ compensation, liability, unemployment, etc.) for client’s contingent hires, as well as security clearances necessary to support military missions.
  • IES managed the hiring and payroll process with speed, accuracy, and proactive communication with both the client and the payrollee.

Benefits and ROI

IES’s highly responsive approach to hiring surges and seamless hiring and payroll solutions allowed the client to spend less time worrying about staffing logistics and more time focused on fulfilling their contracts. With IES as its payroll partner the client experienced significant advantages, including:

  • Significant cost savings: Client saved upwards of 10% on hiring costs associated with short-term employees when compared to handling these processes internally, and up to 50% on costs when compared to a traditional temporary staffing model. These savings helped to control project expenses and client was even able to pass savings along to their customers.
  • Better time usage: Annually, client saved over 1,000 hours associated with hiring and payroll management during hiring surges and off-boarding during staff reductions, and was able to use that time to better focus on contract fulfillment.
  • Business growth: IES’s ability to quickly on-board contingent employees in compliance with defense contract requirements gave the client a significant competitive edge when bidding on contracts, helping them win new business.


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