Retailers are preparing to hire a slew of temporary workers to handle what many experts believe will be a busier holiday season for shopping.

Atlanta is one city expecting an influx of contract employees. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the need for seasonal workers is especially welcome in the municipality, where unemployment is more than a full percentage point above the national average at 8.9 percent.

Major retailers such as Old Navy, Target and Kohl's are expected to be hiring particularly high numbers of individuals. However, across the retail sector, one thing remains the same: Businesses want enthusiastic workers.

Phil Lamantia, director of operations for Off Broadway Shoes, told the newspaper that he looks for contract workers who are energetic and enjoy engaging with the store's customer base. Carolyn Coburn-Allen, an employment marketing representative for Old Navy, agreed with this sentiment, adding that her company likes employees with a "big smile."

The National Retail Federation reported that hiring in November and December is expected to increase at most by 2.9 percent.


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