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Independent Contractor Compliance

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Today’s highly competitive market creates challenges for HR professionals managing large contingent labor pools at financial services firms and other medium to large organizations. Recent regulatory changes combined with pressures to attract new clients and top talent creates frequent bottlenecks along the path to organizational success.

Let the professionals at IES handle the logistics. As your Employer of Record, our innovative HR systems and solutions are proven to streamline and speed up your organizational processes, saving you significant time and money. We’ll increase your efficiency and protect your interests so you can stay focused on other essential daily responsibilities – and give you the competitive edge to win new business.

Benefits of Employer of Record Services include:

  • Increased speed of onboarding, to include application screening, background checks, W4s, I9s, etc.
  • Compliance management services to alleviate the stress of keeping up with changing federal and state laws.
  • Payroll processing and competitive benefits for your contingent workforce.
  • Human resource administration, management and compliance including workers compensation, general liability, unemployment, health care, and all other legal employer responsibilities.
  • Convenient and user-friendly client portal makes managing your contingent workforce easy!
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Outsource Payroll Finance Industry

“Outsourcing to Innovative Employee Solutions is invaluable to my business. My time spent on administrative tasks has been reduced by over 50%. IES takes care of all the paperwork, terminations, sick leave, quarterly payroll taxes, and more. The value is well worth the fee. It’s a no-brainer.”


Independent Contractor Compliance

A 1099 contract worker…or a W2 employee?  The wrong choice could cost your company thousands in IRS penalties.

Our best-in-class independent contractor compliance tools help medium to large companies with contingent workforces meet their daily challenges head on. With over 10 million self-employed resources in the workforce, it’s more important than ever to ensure you’re handling your independent contractors the right way.

Avoid risky business with Innovate IC from IES.  The high-precision online tool that completely vets your contingent hires. With IES as your Agent of Record, we manage the contractor engagement from start to finish.

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