If Congress settles the fiscal cliff dilemma, economic predictions for 2013 are promising, Moody's Analytics states, and businesses are planning to beef up their workforce by adding more permanent and contract employees.

CareerBuilder's annual hiring forecast found 26 percent of employers plan to hire addition full-time, permanent employees, up 3 percentage points from 2012's predictions.

The job resource provider surveyed more than 2,600 hiring managers and HR professionals and 3,900 workers last month. While more than 60 percent of employers said they are in a better financial situation this year compared to last, many are wary of potential economic slumps in 2013.

"The guarded approach to hiring that has been evident over the last few years was sustained in part by concerns over the fiscal cliff," said CareerBuilder CEO Matt Ferguson. "We don't expect 2013 to bring any big surprises in regard to employment, rather it will continue on a path of stability and gradual growth barring any significant economic disruptions."

Forty percent of employers plan to hire more temporary workers, and 42 percent of them expect to transition some contract employees into permanent ones within the year.

Industries that are forecasted to see the highest employment boosts are sales and IT.

Companies that bring in new hires should consider outsourcing HR administration to handle payrolling modifications.

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