Untangle yourself

When it comes to the red tape of government regulations for your contingent workforce, it’s easy to get stuck.  The whirlwind of ever-changing laws at both the federal and state levels can twist your business into a tangled mess – and result in costly government penalties.

The smart way out of the compliance bind?  Work with an Employer of Record company like IES.  By partnering with an EOR for your contract workers, you’re safeguarded by HR compliance and legal experts.  Which means you can breathe easier when you hire, as well as reduce your liability around employee safety and legal issues.

How does an EOR help keep your company compliant?

  • By providing compliance management services to alleviate the stress of trying to keep up with frequently changing federal and state laws especially for your various types of contingent workers
  • HR administration experts who ensure your employees are hired and paid in compliance with all federal and state taxes and employment regulations, including paid sick leave and Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates
  • Onboarding compliance for 1099 Contractors and W2 employees ensuring each employee is classified correctly and all required forms are filled out within the regulated deadlines.

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