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IES Case Studies

“Saving money” cost them valuable time.

Nationwide HR/Payrolling Services

Client Profile

World leader in technology-based product for mobile payment systems and services with 80 international locations.

This client had previously enjoyed a nine year business relationship with Innovative Employee Solutions, but ended it based solely on rates. One year later, the client returned, needing the fast, reliable and accurate services they knew IES would provide.

“We returned to IES because of your quality and level of service, as well as your knowledge and ability to do a much better job for the employees. The transition went so smoothly! Much smoother than we thought it could, based on the documents and data required. Thank you!”


  • Finding a service provider for Payroll and HR Administrative Services to accommodate employees at nationwide locations.
  • Hiring employees quickly enough, once they were recruited for special projects or indefinite employment situations.

The IES Solution

Helping a valued client regain lost time and revenue with the immediate, smooth implementation of customized, nationwide HR and payrolling services they could rely on.

  • IES quickly facilitated the application and hiring process, and assumed responsibility for paying the employees and all related employment taxes.
  • We provided the necessary insurances, i.e. Workers’ Compensation, Liability, Bonding and Unemployment.
  • IES was very instrumental in the advance notification to the employees, resulting in a seamless and transparent transition.

Benefits and ROI

  • Immediate savings: The purchasing power of IES saved this client a whopping 25% on Workers’ Compensation Insurance for more than 45 employees.
  • Long-term savings: They now spend 20% less time on the administrative task of managing employees, saving them more than $140,000 per year.
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