Skilled workers engaging in negative behavior hurts your bottom line. Use the following tips to fix the problem, and get your workforce running smoothly again.

  • Signs

Negative cliques and gossipers constantly bring down leadership and company goals by standing around complaining about what they don’t like. De-energized and unmotivated workers who don’t offer ideas, input, creativity, or strengths to enhance business goals show a fear-based company culture lacking encouragement and respect for leaders. Managers who dismiss staff members’ value drain the life, energy, and motivation from teammates. Colleagues withholding information to retain power and control kill trust among staff. Feeling someone is watching your every move or always having to know your supervisor’s whereabouts shows fear and loathing for your manager, and negative interactions with them. Workers won’t feel safe disclosing information or collaborating on projects. A stressful work environment causes staff to break down physically and emotionally over time, leading to increases in anger, conflict, employee absences, and disability claims. This unpredictable, everyone-for-themselves type of culture leads to high turnover rates and destroys your bottom line.

  • Solutions

Conduct a company culture or engagement survey such as the Gallup Q12. Employees answer 12 simple questions that tie directly to performance outcomes. Scores highlight strengths and weaknesses to help focus your improvement efforts on specific areas that need work. Conduct stay interviews to encourage your best workers to remain. Include positive behaviors such as “respect” and “encouragement” in your performance planning. Invest in leadership coaching for management. Let managers and colleagues collaborate on decisions. Share access to data and other info for making decisions. Talk about issues and find resolutions with everyone involved. Speak with employees about their performance consistently and respectfully so they’ll want to improve. If more flexible schedules or increased vacation days are appropriate, offer them. Share financial success with employees through profit sharing. Give your workers permission to hold everyone else, including you, accountable for progress in making positive changes.

  • Results

If your solutions are effective, your workers will feel more comfortable, empowered, and safe. They’ll smile and laugh more, exert positive energy, and interact in a friendly manner. Staff will go the extra mile to provide a higher level of service for your business. You’ll end up with more loyal clients and outperform your competitors.

Creating a positive workplace saves you headaches and countless amounts of money. For more assistance with easing your workload and increasing your bottom line, connect with the friendly staff at Innovative Employee Solutions today!

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