The following is a guest post from IES’s President, Peter Limone

Each year Innovative Employee Solutions meets with hundreds of companies across the United States who are looking for help with Payrolling. Most of these companies are looking to take advantage of the increased efficiency, lower cost, and lower employment risk an Employer of Record offers. In essence they are looking for Contingent Workforce Solutions that will offload their administrative burden and related employment risk. Some of them are independent recruiters or staffing companies that are looking to outsource their back office administration so they can focus on what they do best; filling orders by finding and placing great candidates for their clients.

There are many choices when it comes to finding Employer of Record services for your Contingent Workforce. Some of the best Innovative Employee Solutions encounters in the United States that can manage both Employer of Record Services and Agent of Record Services are:

  1. ICon Professional Services: ICon is a leading provider of Contingent Workforce Management solutions, which include 1099 contractor compliance, payroll and benefits administration. Recently Icon joined forces with Synergy Services and technology to offer broader and more comprehensive services to companies that engage contingent workers.
  1. MBO Partners: provides a complete independent contractor aggregation and engagement offering, including compliance and payment solutions for 1099s, sole proprietors, micro-businesses as well as W-2 payroll.
  1. TargetCW: has given organizations the ability to optimize and organize their Contingent Workforce programs. Their payrolling, Employer of Record solution allows employers to save time and money, reduce liability and increase visibility, compliance and workers satisfaction. Their solution allows organizations to mitigate liability of their contingent workforce including: workers compensation, unemployment claims, ACA compliant health care benefits, paperless on-boarding, online time-keeping, and all tax withholdings and reporting.
  1. KellyOCG: manages all categories of contingent talent to strategically drive business growth. By applying labor market insight, KellyOCG optimizes labor spend, delivering access to service providers and quality talent at competitive rates and with minimized risk.
  1. HireGenics: creates enterprise value through eliminating risk and reducing inefficiencies for their customer’s contract labor through its workforce management solution. These services include automated contract labor payrolling, independent contractor compliance and supplier consolidation management all designed to optimize the contingent labor process.

When choosing a payrolling provider, the most important element is ensuring the core values of your Employer of Record provider aligns with your company’s core values. Further, the provider you choose must be financially sound and show a history of shielding clients from the many risks associated with contingent workforce employment.

Having an employer of record provider like IES is a time-saving, cost effective way to increase your company’s bottom line. To learn more, contact us today.

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